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PhotoPlus Questions about using PhotoPlus for photo editing

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Default Batch Processing

Is this possible in PhotoPlus?

I want to adjust an image in one photo, then copy and paste the properties to 100+ photos. I know it can be done in Lightroom 3, but think PhotoPlus would be easier to use.

I want to go from this:

To this:

as quickly as possible. I have tried Photoshop, but find it hard to use.

Thanks for any help.
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Default Re: Batch Processing

PhotoPlus X3 and I assume X4? have both Batch Processing and Macro facilities.

If along with the example images you have provided you describe what you want to achieve I am sure someone will be able to inform you if and how it is possible.
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Bhikkhu Pesala
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Default Re: Batch Processing

PhotoPlus has a batch processing option, but you might find IrfanView more powerful, and certainly faster.

Batch Processing Advanced Options
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Default Re: Batch Processing

Thanks for all the information guys. Think I will get a dialogue going with Serif technical support with my problem, as the Batch app. should work in X4, but will revisit Irfanview if all else fails.
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Bill T
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Default Re: Batch Processing

I'm going to start with the assumption that you made an adjustment to the levels curve — perhaps pulled the two outside sliders in so that you get both true blacks and whites. But the comments would apply for other adjustments as well.

First, you would open a sample photo and then create and record a new macro. While the recording function is on, you would create a new "levels" adjustment layer and pull in the sliders as you want. Once you have made the changes, you stop recording the macro. In the future, you can click on your levels macro and the play button and that adjustment layer will be made to your photo.

To do what you want, you would set up to run the batch function and enable your new macro in that dialog box. You will need to ensure first that there is a folder with your images in it, thus defining the batch you want to run.

A couple of caveats: The adjustments must be identical for each photo. Otherwise, you would have to put a pause in the macro and fine-tune each image yourself. I find that macros that add an adjustment layer work well. If you just tried to make a levels adjustment (without creating an adjustment layer) it probably won't work. I think this is because in this latter case, you must first select a specific layer to apply the adjustment to. I also find that if I apply a macro to say a folder of JPG files, I cannot preserve the adjustments as an SPP file. There is no provision to change the file type to Serif's own working format! You can change it to a Photoshop PSD file however and that does preserve layers. Even though the layers are not preserved, the changes caused by the adjustment layer WILL be. It sounds like that would meet your requirement.

I should note that I am using PhotoPlus X2, so there could be additional options. But so far, I haven't seen changes mentioned here about these specific types of functions.

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