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PhotoPlus Questions about using PhotoPlus for photo editing

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Lightbulb WHat a Crock

Well I decided I would like to find some new software I wanted some photo software for my new dual core pentium. I found SERIF and though I would try the free version before buying the full suite. Was I sadly mistaken.
I downloaded the Photo Plus V6 swift down load i thought, when i tried to install the online installer popped into action immediately its little blue gague streaming to the right I thought wow how cool and so fast,,,,,,then it stopped at the end with a little message saying steup is performing the requested operations,,,, so i wait and wait and wait and go have lunch and wait. So i decide after 2 hrs to cancell the install as my task manager says its not doing anything. I find the program installed and in my program list. i try to open it, faulty dll file please reinstall. I think i will delete it completely its not in the add remove programs its only in the program file folder, i delete it from there it tells me to fully remove u must use the add remove programs, i do its not there, i spend an hour reading the website not one uninstall tip, now i got a piece of xxxx program jamming my new system, i try to reinstall again as it says it will reinstall over older versions......3 hrs later i am staring at setup page which says setup is performing the requested operation and the little blue bar is still all the way up.....i decide to sign in to vent my frustration ...the usual registration mumbo jumbo......i sign up it give me a drop down list 52 states....i live in australia ...i think is america the only country on the planet,, oh yea stupid me type #### in these fields until you get tot he country field then choose your country and go back up and change all the other fields you typed rubbish in, theres a sensible way to make a registration page...anyways i got here, said my piece and I am one customer that will never buy any Serif Products....oh look Adobe Photo Shop bubbyeeeee
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Sam Grove
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Lightbulb Re: WHat a Crock

What's your OS?
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Geoff Blanthorn
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Sorry to hear of your problems, but they are not typical. There are thousands of very satisfied Serif users. PhotoPlus 6 is a very old program. I was using it two computers ago! You do not say what operating system you have, but PhP6 is probably not compatible with Vista. I would suggest that you contact Support by phone or e-mail. However Serif staff do look in on these Forums from time to time, and they or some other user may be able to offer you a solution.

PhP8 is a little newer, and is a bargain at US$10. However, even that is 4 versions ago, which I guess makes it some 8 years old! The latest version PhPX2 is a good match for PhotoShop, and costs US$80 compared to US$650. It's hardly fair to compare a free, 10+ year old program with a new one costing US$650, but if you want to go with PhotoShop, good luck! I hope your bank balance can stand it. Even Photoshop upgrades are dearer than Serif PhotoPlus new!

By the way, Serif is a British company, based in Nottingham, England, not a US company, although it has a US office. There are many satisfied users in Australia.

I use PagePlus and PhotoPlus extensively and exclusively to produce a Club Magazine, which is professionally printed, with very satisfactory results.



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