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PhotoPlus Questions about using PhotoPlus for photo editing

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Lightbulb Ctrl + G for Photoshop

Don't really know how to do this!

This post went up before I typed my query!?!

I have some instructions for layering up a scrapbook page but I'm lost 'cos the instructions are for other programmes.

I have 4 layers, 1 of which is turned off.

Instruction 6 says:-
Clip the background shape out of the paper. (Ctrl + G for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, Ctrl + Alt + G for PSCS2, or
Command + G for Mac). You will still have four layers after this is done.

Instruction 7 says:-
Set the shape by merging the background layer and the paper background layers together. To do this either go to Layer >
Merge Visible or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + E. After this is done you will have two layers because you have
just merged your blank background as well. (Perfectly fine!) You can then turn your photo back on so that you can see it
peeking out of the hole.

I think I've attached 2 pictures but I'm not sure.


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'Awful Punster'
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Lightbulb Re:Ctrl + G for Photoshop


To a simple mind like mine, that looks like a very complicated way of cutting a hole in the Red Paper layer!  With just the Photo and the Red Paper layers and a few easy steps, you can make part of the photo show through a hole in the red paper:

1. Go to the Layers tab.
2. Hide the Red Paper layer by clicking its 'Hide/Show Layer' eye.
3. Choose the Photo layer (by clicking its name on the Layers tab).
4. Make a rectangular selection around the part of the photo you want to make visible.
5. Choose the Red Paper layer (which will become visible again).
6. Press the Delete key to make a hole in the selected region so part of the Photo layer shows through.

HTH, Alfred

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Lightbulb Thanks

That's so much easier.

I had been going to post another similar question about using 'torn paper' effects but your answer here has given me an idea on how to solve that problem too.




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