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Default PhotoPlus X6 Update Announcement (16.0.1)

This thread is locked, so you cannot post a reply here. This forum is for announcements only.
Replies may be made in this similar thread in the PhotoPlus forum.

Dear All,

Serif (Europe) Ltd. is announcing the release of an update for the multi-lingual PhotoPlus X6 DVD (build number

The main purpose of the build is to resolve issues discovered since the master of PhotoPlus X6 16.0.0 DVD for which we apologise. As well as a number of minor fixes, this update addresses the following major issues.
  • Improved efficiency of the Radial Blur filter
  • Fix for Fragment filter not processing the alpha channel (transparency) correctly.
  • Improved the speed of the Fragment filter.
  • Fix for the Clarity dialog updating the image when the intensity hasn't changed.
  • Fix for the several filter dialogs updating the view while dragging the sliders.
  • Fix for closing and saving multiple flat images at once overwriting all images with one image
  • Fix for Fragment Blur causing artefacts in the blurred area
  • Fix for some plugins not working when applied to a selection
  • Fix for Colour Picker showing transparency as a value instead of a percentage
  • Fix for Lens Vignette having a broken preview
  • Fix for Restor button not resetting for several adjustments
  • Fix for scroll bar not working correctly in Animation tab
  • Fix for Canvas Size dialog reporting dimensions wrongly after rule units have been changed
  • Fix for Help button in Raw Import dialog not working
  • Fix for Watermark macro causing a crash
We would recommend that ALL users of PhotoPlus X6 English UK, English US, French and German download and install this update. Serif recommend that updating should be done within the program, by using the "Check for update from web" option in the Help Menu. This will always get any available update for your version of Serif software and install it too.

To work out if you need this update choose "About PhotoPlus" in the help menu and if the version number is or less and you are running an English UK, English US, French or German version then you need this update. Helpfully the software checks for updates the first time it runs, so for those yet to install a DVD, the latest update will be found on first use if needed.

Please note that the download version of PhotoPlus X6 launched on Serif.com this week already contains the 16.0.1 update, so this update will only be required by anyone who purchased the DVD version.

Technical Info:

English UK 64-bit
Filename: PhotoPlus-X6-en-GB_16.0.1.29_64_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 7.67 MB (8,045,944 bytes)
Date/Time: 27 November 2012, 16:22:39
Digital Signature: Yes
MD5: 48e63f24986eaad7618a34a040b3ef6b

English UK 32-bit
Filename: PhotoPlus-X6-en-GB_16.0.1.29_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 6.99 MB (7,337,336 bytes)
Date/Time: 27 November 2012, 14:24:10
Digital Signature: Yes
MD5: 604ed2a778fc31cf844c98f8b77798b3

English US 64-bit
Filename: PhotoPlus-X6-en-US_16.0.1.29_64_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 7.68 MB (8,054,136 bytes)
Date/Time: 27 November 2012, 16:02:29
Digital Signature: Yes
MD5: 8a16a347f5b316a8faaef972ef06a2ae

English US 32-bit
Filename: PhotoPlus-X6-en-US_16.0.1.29_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 7.00 MB (7,345,528 bytes)
Date/Time: 27 November 2012, 15:49:05
Digital Signature: Yes
MD5: e5dc51b679ebcfc1e07a80a5478a97bc

German 64-bit
Filename: PhotoPlus-X6-de-DE_16.0.1.29_64_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 7.68 MB (8,054,136 bytes)
Date/Time: 03 December 2012, 16:36:01
Digital Signature: Yes
MD5: 2233fadbc781b00869f16112d4100971

German 32-bit
Filename: PhotoPlus-X6-de-DE_16.0.1.29_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 7.00 MB (7,345,528 bytes)
Date/Time: 03 December 2012, 15:50:21
Digital Signature: Yes
MD5: 416c32ad1a70c1d020145ff716300d4c

French 64-bit
Filename: PhotoPlus-X6-fr-FR_16.0.1.29_64_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 7.68 MB (8,054,136 bytes)
Date/Time: 04 December 2012, 09:59:52
Digital Signature: Yes
MD5: 507a6ca6dc5d4b52ba7e7d40f3a87cf0

French 32-bit
Filename: PhotoPlus-X6-fr-FR_16.0.1.29_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 7.00 MB (7,345,528 bytes)
Date/Time: 04 December 2012, 10:26:27
Digital Signature: Yes
MD5: b69655231b900c8d1e420d891767ce38

Please report any problems updating PhotoPlus X6 in this similar thread in the PhotoPlus forum, as Announcement posts are locked.

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