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WebPlus Questions about using WebPlus for website design

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Old 5th July 2001, 01:49 PM   #1
Simon Burnham
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Lightbulb How to make my designs fill the screen in WebPlus6

I can't see anyone else having this problem so I must be doing something simple wrong.
My web page, made using a template, doesn't fill the width of the screen when previewed in a browser. I'm left with a large blank margin down the right hand side of the screen. Increasing the page size (by right-clicking on the document)just proportionally increases the size of the blank margin as well as the web page design.
Make sense?
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Lightbulb Web Page fill

I have had the same problem, and there does'nt seem to be an answer.

Old 6th July 2001, 06:23 PM   #3
John Vesey
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Lightbulb Re:Web Page fill

There is an answer.

However, you need to appreciate the concept of "screen resolution" and that you are designing for screen viewing rather than paper.

Whilst paper size, e.g. A4, tends to be fixed, a viewer of your website could be using any one of a number of screen resolutions.

Thus, a web-page that is 640 pixels wide will only cover half the width of a screen that is set to 1280 x 1024 pixels.

Inevitably, there is a trade off!!

My advice is:

Assume that your viewer is using a screen res of 800 x 600 (this is the most commonly used resolution) and so set your default page width to, say, 760 pixels (allowing for scroll-bars, etc.)

This is most applicable where the software/website is built using tables to hold everything in place.

If this doesn't make sense, I'll be gald to explain further i you take this to email.


John V


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