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Lightbulb ebay popart rip off


I was browsing ebay a few days ago and came across the popartplus, the guy selling it was selling it for 2.99 with free shipping,and said it was brand new, so I bought it thinking it would be worth a look at.

anyway it arrived today, and it was a copy, ie a cd-r with a printed label, as son as I took it out of the pacakaging I knew it was fake, I emailed the selled straight away and this was his reply.

"We are sorry that you mistakenly believe the CD you bought is a copy. Can we assure you that it is not! We source most of our items from outside the UK, from countries such as Australia, Japan and Germany, etc. In addition, some of the items may have slight damaged or incorrectly sealed boxes or the disc enclosed has been misprinted in some way or another and have been repackaged and sold on to traders as seconds. This is why we can offer them to our customers as cheaply as we can. In effect you have bought exactly what you would have done in this country but, because the packaging or contents are different or substandard, you have purchased it for a fraction of the price you would have had to have paid for it in a UK shop. We hope that this explains why the Disc and cover are not what you expected.
If you would like to keep it we will refund your postage as to make amends or if you wish to return it we will give you a full refund on its arrival. "

I know it was only a couple of pounds but i feel so cheated... I had to laugh at the bit that said about refunding the shipping... it was free shipping!!!

should i report them to ebay and or serif? I looked at the guys "shop" on ebay and it looks like he has hundreds of these discs for sale amongst others?

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Lightbulb Re:*ebay popart rip off


It's the principal of the thing. I'd report him to Ebay. He's obviously selling counterfeit discs.

Lon in California
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Lightbulb Re:*ebay popart rip off

just reported him to ebay.... tried to leave negative feedback but it says seller cannot receive negative feedback until contact is made with the seller.....so angry

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Default Re: just bought popartplus

My experience of ebay is that everything is automated.
Just make your comments but under 'positive' fedback.
After all you are positively helping potential buyers.
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