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Default WebPlus X5: Update Announcement (13.0.2)

This thread is locked, so you cannot post a reply here. This forum is for announcements only
Replies may be made in this similar thread in the WebPlus forum

Dear All.

Serif (Europe) Ltd. is announcing the release of an update for English Language WebPlus X5 (build number

The main purpose of the build is to resolve issues discovered after the release of WebPlus X5, for which we apologise. As well as a number of minor fixes, this update addresses the following major issues. Many are phrased in the negative from our database but are nevertheless fixed.
  • Fix various crashes – including crash when: starting up; using anchor-type navbars; exporting button to SMF; exporting hyperlinks on path text; undoing insert Image in Table
  • Fix crashes when have floated dock windows
  • Fix robots.txt disallow causing all pages to be incorrectly excluded
  • Using excessive CPU when idle.
  • Fix export of line-height
  • Creative Text Frame with transparent coloured background duplicates in-line pictures
  • Fix height of merged table rows on export
  • Pictures positioned as inline characters do not display pop up menus in a browser when a pop up menu is applied.
  • Problem with orientation of text within tables after changing the angle from 0 degrees. When changing it back, the text stays at the same angle.
  • Unwanted underlining on non-breaking space in empty paragraph
  • Left and Right Table Cell Margins Cannot Be Changed
  • Pasting from Excel disables the Text colour control and can hang/crash WebPlus.
  • Can't add hyperlink to overflowed text.
  • Stop Site Manager reporting unsafe fonts in text that will be exported as graphics.
  • Line break formatting data not being applied in Hyperlink Emails.
  • Crash on Dragging Anchor for embedded Flash Photo Gallery.
  • Can't add hyperlink to X4 table cell
  • Artistic text context menu appears in view when right-click in object browser.
  • Delete key does not delete text in a single highlighted table cell
  • 'Use These Settings When Pasting Image' not respected
  • Warn about upper case characters in filenames option not saved by site property pages
  • Fix same level/child level JavaScript NavBars
  • Fix current page highlighting on graphical popupmenus containing separators
  • Convert navbar to panel doesn't create all of the popup menu navtree
  • Panel visibility: 'Show as Popup Menu' fails to hide on rollout.
  • Fix sizing of buttons with long text
  • IE9 positions popupmenus in fixed panels wrongly
  • Site Manager not reporting navbars that have duplicated IDs
  • "Run time error" when closing Button Studio with a text area selected in a document
  • Can't disable transitions in page properties
  • Cannot turn off 'Chequered background' in the gallery.
  • 'Contents' shown twice in page properties background dialog.
  • Sort pages correctly in Site Manager
  • Menu accelerator for Preview in Window doesn't work
  • 'Create New Site From Template' dialogue doesn't remember pane separator position
  • Directory for Adding Browser to Preview List defaulting to Program Files
  • Can't use keyboard shortcuts in hex value boxes in various places in the program.
  • Colour Selector - Add to Palette button is now only disabled when using the 'Palette' colour model and the 'Document Palette' is selected.
  • Resource Manager won't embed a linked .smf or .svg
  • Site Checker - Fix button is still active even after problems are fixed.
  • Fonts listed multiple times in Text Manager.
  • Images inserted as a remote link do not work when sending page as HTML
  • SVG imports as black silhouette
  • Fix PayPal donation forms
  • Update PayPal Minicart script – includes fixes; open cart in new window
  • Re-linking missing database files should choose an appropriate file type filter on the browse dialog
  • Browsing for a new database merge source can cause a modal dialog to become non-modal, sometimes followed by a crash
  • Fix form labels
  • Size to fit max/min not working on database merge
  • Stop Hyperlinks being lost when merging a database to new site
  • E-commerce database doesn't save values of fixed options
  • Don't allow 'show on form' option for fixed options in a merge database
  • Colour properties dialog allowing users to add the same colour but with a different name to the document palettes.
  • Improve accuracy of imagemaps on quickshapes/polygons
  • Improve export of imagemaps
  • Fix export of actions to imagemaps
  • No Site Search Results in IE9
  • Rollovers don't work in Firefox if they are used as form buttons
  • Window too large when hyperlinking image to new window using javascript pop up code
  • Adjusting 8-bit image in PhotoLab causes crash
  • Drag Picture in table to new cell causes crash
  • Redirect on a contact form doesn't work if the form is on a hidden panel
  • All issues reported as fixed in the 13.0.1 update announced here
We would recommend that ALL users of WebPlus X5 download and install this file. Serif recommend that updating should be done within the program, by using the "Check for update from web" option in the Help Menu. This will always get any available update for your version of Serif software (CD/DVD or download) and install it too. The downloads page www.serif.com/downloads.asp has the file also, which is 28.4 MB.

To work out if you need this update choose "About WebPlus" in the help menu and if the version number is then you need this update. Helpfully the software checks for updates the first time it runs, so for those yet to install the software, the latest update will be found on first use if needed.

Technical Info:

File name: WEBPLUS-X5-EN_13.0.2.025_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 31.7 MB (33,244,496 bytes)
Date Modified: ‎‎09 ‎November ‎2011, ‏‎12:42:46
MD5: C5ADC186DEFEF94F2577E3E0DDD137E9
Removable:Only with source (CD/DVD) available.

Please report any problems installing this update in this similar thread in the WebPlus forum, as Announcement posts are locked.
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