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Default CraftArtist 2 Professional Update Announcement (2.0.1)

This thread is locked, so you cannot post a reply here. This forum is for announcements only.
Replies may be made in this similar thread in the CraftArtist forum.

Dear All,

Serif (Europe) Ltd. is announcing the release of an update for the multi-lingual CraftArtist 2 Professional DVD (build number

The main purpose of the build is to resolve issues discovered since the master of CraftArtist Professional 2.0.0 DVD for which we apologise. As well as a number of minor fixes, this update addresses the following major issues. Many are phrased in the negative from our database but are nevertheless fixed.
  • Fixed undo history item name for deleting objects via the Layers tab
  • Fix for CraftArtist not always closing correctly after adding embellishment to current digikit
  • Fix for layouts with duplicate names not appearing in the Digikit Browser
  • Improved option name for including base Decoupage layer when laying out for print
  • Fix for broken preview when adding transparent edged frames to the Frames tab
  • Fix for backgrounds not dynamically resizing to project page size
  • Fix for Help button not working in the Choose A Template dialog
  • Fix for Export As Picture dialog missing the option to export split pages from folded project types
  • Fix for crash when using Punch Hole on a background
  • Fix for blend modes giving an incorrect result if there's nothing behind them
  • Fix for deleting a selected node on a Gradient Fill deleting the whole object
  • Fix for crash when using Punch Hole twice in a row
  • Improvement: Scissor edge types added to context toolbar for Punches
  • Fix for Reflection Map effects not loading/saving and copying/pasting correctly
  • For for crash when lifting Stencil after Z-order has been changed
  • Fix for tooltips missing on layer status icons in Layers tab.
  • Fix for Paper Textures not working on Layers
  • Fix for Stencils and Punches tabs appearing to be empty when the program opens
  • Fix for possible crash when moving font nodes
  • Fix for some PDF files causing a crash when imported
  • Fix for first save of a new project not suggesting a default file name
  • Fix for 48bpp and 40bpp Photoshop files causing the program to crash or hang when imported
  • Fix for "Failed to save" error if saving process gets interrupted
  • Fix for Help button not working on Stroke Brush Edit and Spray Brush Edit dialogs
  • Fix for Layers tab allowing last layer to be deleted, causing a crash
  • Fixed badly labelled Clip attribute for Blur in Graphic Style editor
  • Fixes for several crashes
We would recommend that ALL users of CraftArtist 2 Professional English UK and English US download and install this update. Serif recommend that updating should be done within the program, by using the "Check for update from web" option in the Help Menu. This will always get any available update for your version of Serif software and install it too.

To work out if you need this update choose "About CraftArtist" in the help menu and if the version number is or less and you are running an English UK or English US version then you need this update. Helpfully the software checks for updates the first time it runs, so for those yet to install a DVD, the latest update will be found on first use if needed.

Technical Info:

English UK 64-bit
Filename: CraftArtist-2-en-GB_2.0.1.025_64_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 9.47 MB (9,934,200 bytes)
Date/Time: 23 November 2012, 12:20:46
Digital Signature: Yes
MD5: 989bafbf47b7c23417c10fc470c29c8a
Removable: Yes

English UK 32-bit
Filename: CraftArtist-2-en-GB_2.0.1.025_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 10.4 MB (10,970,488 bytes)
Date/Time: 23 November 2012, 12:13:49
Digital Signature: Yes
MD5: f0fc8cf862fac3973c7a190a0c313577
Removable: Yes

English US 64-bit
Filename: CraftArtist-2-en-US_2.0.1.025_64_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 7.26 MB (7,615,864 bytes)
Date/Time: 23 November 2012, 11:09:58
Digital Signature: Yes
MD5: 96923fccd23b751dbee5b42a2f88185e
Removable: Yes

English US 32-bit
Filename: CraftArtist-2-en-US_2.0.1.025_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 8.25 MB (8,652,152 bytes)
Date/Time: 23 November 2012, 10:58:32
Digital Signature: Yes
MD5: 81c6c895f582ec3e03e154538acd7821
Removable: Yes

Please report any problems updating CraftArtist 2 in this similar thread in the CraftArtist forum, as Announcement posts are locked.

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