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PanoramaPlus Questions about using PanoramaPlus for digital image stitching

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Default Re: "Failed to stitch panorama" error

Originally Posted by kweejee View Post
As of version, I'm having the same problem in WinXP with about same setup as mentioned by other people in this thread with 4 gigs of ram. I also have the same problem in Ubuntu with Wine at the same resolutions. All notes below are from Windows.

1) When trying out sizes to find the largest possible for exporting, restart between each size to free up memory. I did a 500px height and got the error when I tried 700 next. After restarting I did 700 without a problem.

2) Six pictures at 3264x2448 at a total size of 23.4MB could be resized to 6167x1150 in any of the available formats. After saving, the windows paging file usage was at 1.6GB. Closing the program dropped it to 0.5GB. Just the program running with no images was about 0.6 and with images was 0.7. Trying at a height of 1200 errored out with usage of about 1.5GB and dropped to 1.2GB until I closed the program.

3) When creating a preview at too high a resolution, I get the error message "A panorama cannot be created with these images: no matching features were found." even though it can create it at a lower resolution.

4) PhotoStitch which came free with my Canon camera exports to jpeg at 11930x2097.

5) Hugin in windows always crashed for me. Hugin in Ubuntu exported to tif at 7949x1550.
That matches what happens on my WinXP PC.
64-bit Win10 Pro 1703, i5-2320, 8GB RAM, HD2000 Graphics.
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32-bit Win10 Pro 14946, AMD64 3200+, 2GB RAM, Bodged ATI Video & AC97 Audio drivers.
64-bit (3GB) & 32-bit (2GB) Win10 Pro 16170, on VirtualBox, 2 CPU cores, 128MB video
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Default Re: "Failed to stitch panorama" error

Try using the free demo version, 'Autostitch 2.2'. Before selecting images, go into the edit menu, choose options, in the upper right corner select the scale option of the three output choices, and set it to 100% instead of the default 15%. This will stitch with the least bugs, and output a resolution that will approximate pixel for pixel, your source images.
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Cool Re: "Failed to stitch panorama" error

I used other software for generate panorama. And they work well (Microsoft free Image Composite Editor). After some month the problem remain. It is not good to have free software that is working perfect, and payd software with problems. I assume that this is a non good software and I bought. Ok, I believe that I loose money .... I uninstall it and I am going to buy another panorama software.
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Thumbs down Re: "Failed to stitch panorama" error

I cannot believe that this thread started in May 2010. It is now the end of October 2012 and the problem STILL EXISTS!

I had just tried out the free version PPSE. It did exactly what I wanted it to do, except you couldn't change the resolution. The ONLY reason I bought this program was to be able to save at the highest resolution possible so I could make better edits. It is incredible that a commercial company such as this has not done any change to this program.

I decided to try that program that the user Bhikkhu Pesala mentioned on this thread (Microsoft Image Composite Editor). The user kingsgraphic had some criticism that the program didn't stitch well, so I decided to test it out against Serif's PP4. It turns out that the Microsoft program stitched one panorama i was making better than PP4, which had a very bad blend on one of the buildings in the photo.

The ONLY REASON I would buy a program like this instead of using the free version would be to be able to save the biggest file size. It boggles my brain that a paid program cannot accomplish this yet a free program does it with ease, and faster, with more options! Almost feel conned! Waste of money, and that customer support? blahhhhhhhh!!!
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