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PagePlus Questions about using PagePlus for desktop publishing

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Kjell Petterson
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Lightbulb Shortcuts in managing the 'imgxxx.jpg' files?

I publish my web pages to a folder from which I upload to my server. After a while, I get zillions of IMG files, many of which are probably no longer required. Other than trying to figure out, in Windows Explorer by date and time, which IMG files belong to which .htm file, is there some smart shortcut by which I can find out which old IMG files can safely be deleted?
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Jim B.
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Lightbulb Re:Shortcuts in managing the 'imgxxx.jpg' files?

There are two ways to figure out which files to delete.

In Windows Explorer, look at the date and time of the files. Delete those with a date/time PRIOR to your most recent "publish".

Or, what I do and is possibly easier, just delete everything in the folder, then publish your entire site. This way, every file will be a "current" one, and you won't accumulate old files.

BTW, you are probably also accumulating a zillion files on your web server, too, as each time you publish your HTML pages, they are created with new names for your images, and new image files are created. You might want to look at the files on your web server with an FTP client like WS-FTP or similar and "clear out the lint", so to speak.

Jim B.   :>)
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Kjell Petterson
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Lightbulb Re:Shortcuts in managing the 'imgxxx.jpg' files?

Thanks for your prompt response, Jim. Rightly or wrongly, I did not organize my site as one publication, but each page is a publication. I have five major sections, so I made five different 'viewfolders' for the .ppp files, and I made the corresponding 'touploadfolders' to which I publish each document. I thought I could have the same organization at the server, but realized that it didn't work, since the index file needed to be in the same folder as all the other htm files. So, yes, I do have a whole lot of img files there in the same folder.
The most practical method to monitor the files is probably the one you suggested first, via Windows Explorer.I guess, if you can associate an img file with an htm file timewise, you can eliminate the ones that don't have a match, and delete them from the server as well.
I have started down that path, and have a couple of follow-up questions: Is there any rule about how many img files are created for each htm file? I have found some img files which are empty.I believe I have come to the conclusion that pictures, imported to a page are not automatically included in the htm file, so I have to upload the individual jpg files as well?
Thanks again,


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